Event description

The annual RING Meeting is a privileged moment of interaction between students, researchers and RING Consortium affiliates.

Divided into two mains parts, the event takes place at the graduate school of geology in Nancy (France) from 18th to 21st of September, 2018.

First part - Technical conference

The schedule integrates oral and poster presentations from the RING Team researchers and students, on the RING research topics. The proceedings of the conference are restricted to sponsors.

This conference also welcomes contributions from all sponsors to showcase their research work in integrative numerical geology to the community.

After the conference, proceedings papers, presentation slides and recorded presentations will be accessible for all sponsors to download.

Second part - Trainings

During each annual meeting, the RING team proposes a training session where sponsors can try RING software following tutorial exercises. During this session, consortium members are invited to discuss with researchers and developers in order to provide direct feedback, share ideas and initiate new lines of research and development.

Time sharing

Each year, an Ice Breaker in organized after the first day of the technical conference. It gives the opportunity to each participant to become acquainted with others.

To complement this programme, the RING Team is also pleased to invite all participants at a dinner on Wednesday 19th.